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Baby Julian

This summer we welcomed another baby boy to the block, born to the awesome Foley family. I had a lot of fun designing for Carley & Casey because they knew a few specific elements they wanted to incorporate, but then let me have at it in developing this birth announcement for their first born babe. Carley has created a beautiful nursery for baby Julian in gray and yellow, so his current 'team colors' have influenced the announcement as well. They also have a fondness for elephants, so I drew this illustration to celebrate their adorable new family. I used a detail from a photo of an elephant to create the skin texture and it came out perfect on the press. The announcement is printed in two runs on 110# Lettra and delivered in a gray envelope. Photographer Brooke F. Scott took the adorable photo of Julian as a sleepy newborn, but now he's all grown up and wide awake cheering on the Red Sox with Daddy!


Christmas Greetings

No one is interested in Christmas at this point, I'm sure, but I did mail these on time at least. Printed on the Vandercook, two colors on chipboard. I used a Crepaldi marbled paper behind the image and Brown Bag Kraft envelopes in olive.